A blank canvas with endless possibilities becomes my work surface to push paint around. Whether it be acrylic or oil, I enjoy painting with both equally as much. My paintings usually begin with a color idea, and then evolve into a process in which shape becomes a primary factor in the direction of the composition. The attitude of my artwork is a direct representation of my personal feelings, the subject or colors that inspire me, and my materials and various techniques that I choose to use.

I like for my work to have a sense of raw and roughness, yet at the same time be clean and gentle. Deep tones of purple can be found throughout my work, as well as the use of highly reflective metallic pigments. My older work has a sense of free-flowing repetition, while my newer work has a sense of methodically placed movement. I plan to continue to develop my series of fluorescent work, as well as develop my wearable art. As I find blank canvas everywhere, there is no telling what the future may hold.



In order to be created, a work of art must first use the dark forces of the soul.

- Albert Camus