Painting on retired cotton sheets, canvas, and leather are the most enjoyable surfaces I have found to work on and with, so far. Working with highly reflective pigments and black-light reactive paint I am fascinated with how light plays an important role in how the painting changes when the light and the physical relationship between the viewer and the painting changes. Most of my work is about the process and the final product becomes an abstract reflection of my life at the time.

I continue to develop new methods to merge my paintings with my wearable art.  Whether I am painting, creating wearable art, or doing a combination of both, I always enjoy being creative.

As I try to make a difference in the world, my story can be found in various media outlets including; the Documentary Film "Trichster"The Doctors TV Show, and a Personal Video I made for Trichotillomania awareness week in 2014. By sharing my story with the intent to help others, I was given the opportunity to help myself.